Pediatric Ninja Specialist 6-Week Intensive - October 2024

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Pediatric Ninja Specialist 6-Week Intensive Program

Enrollment is now open for our October Session, starting Thursday, October 10th.

Elevate your expertise in pediatric training with our comprehensive program, designed to advance your skills and knowledge as a Pediatric Ninja Specialist.

Course Overview:

- Brain Development (October 10th): Delve into the fascinating world of brain development in children and its impact on learning and behavior.
- Brain Connectivity (October 17th): Learn techniques to help young ninjas manage tantrums and meltdowns, and understand how to work with both introverts and extroverts.

Psychology & Personal Development:
- Emotional Intelligence SKILLZ (October 24th): Master the art of nurturing emotional intelligence in children for effective emotion management.
- Mentor SKILLZ (October 31st): Transform your mentoring approach with fundamental skills that foster positive interactions.

- Parent Styles (November 1st): Gain insights into different parenting styles and their impact on child development.
- Parent SKILLZ (November 8th): Equip parents with strategies to support their child's growth and development at home.

Program Includes:
- Study Materials: Access study slides and downloadable resources for deeper understanding.
- Weekly Live Zoom Training: Participate in (6) live Zoom training sessions every Thursday at 11 am EST (recordings available for those who cannot attend live). Sessions run from 10/10 to 11/14.
- Assessment: Complete a comprehensive PNS test and assignments to assess your proficiency.

Enrollment Benefits:
- Early Bird Discount: Use code 25OFF to receive a discount (limited to the first 10 codes).
- VIP Gold Member Special: Contact Chasity Scarberry at [email protected] for a special promo code for 50% off (only 3 codes left).

Don't miss this opportunity to become a Pediatric Ninja Specialist and make a significant impact on children's lives. Enroll now to secure your spot in this transformative program!

"This course is absolutely essential! Not only is it laid out in an easy-to-understand, and detailed way, it applies to every day of teaching, parenting, and mentoring. Melody Johnson truly is THE expert on child development in sports and how it applies to coaching, and she is kind and generous with her knowledge, making sure everyone levels up!" ~Jocelyn Herndon, CPNS

"Skillz Worldwide PNS course is hands down one of the best programs I have participated in to take my business to the next level!!! Melody Johnson's expertise in brain biology, and child development has transformed the way I teach and the way my instructors and coaches work with our students! If you work with children in ANY capacity this course provides informative, science backed, practical skills to develop kids in exactly the way they nee!! I highly recommend!!!" ~Mary Tons, CPNS

"The PNS course has been a deep dive into many crucial aspects of child development that as martial arts professionals, we all need to be more aware of. Each part of the course was easy to understand, thoroughly covered and I was perfectly able to put into action for myself and my staff. For sure a game changer in our industry and so glad I can take part with so many other dedicated owners/instructors." ~Rocky Ablid, CPNS

"The PNS program has been hands down the best program on child development out there. Melody Johnson does such an amazing job of breaking down the science of the brain to an easier way to understand it and makes the Skillz so easy to apply in real life.. Each week I have been able to take the topic that was taught and be able to apply it in the classroom and immediately have light bulbs click as to why kids are behaving the way they are and she gives us the tools for us to help the kids help themselves. Highly recommend the PNS program to level up! This program is a game-changer!" ~Amanda Molina-Frazier, APNS

"It’s amazing how after teaching martial arts for nearly 30 years this PNS course can put so much of my experiences into perspective and give the scientific basis for so much of it. And at the same time open my eyes to how much I can adjust and improve to make our programs better for our students, parents, and team. You don’t know what you don’t know, but you can always learn if you are serious about always leveling up. I believe that ANYONE working with kids in any capacity should be required to take this course. The world would be a better place if we all had the skills (SKILLZ) that Melody so expertly teaches. I’m a better person for having done it and I guarantee you would be too.

" ~Jolene Westraad, APNS

"The PNS course is a game changer! I always thought that we had really great classroom management skills and that we were amazing at building relationships with students. What I found was though we were good, we had so many areas we could still improve in! Our karate, after-school, and summer camp programs have really improved immensely by learning these skills and sharing them with our team. Our team loves the information they are learning through me and they are also building confidence as coaches, leaders, and parents themselves! Our students are thriving as we learn and grow." ~Gwendolyn Griffey, APNS

"PNS has been great for my instructor development... for connecting and mentoring children. This program has helped me approach children in a better way." ~Cameron Kirkpatrick, APNS

"SKILLZ Worldwide’s PNS course is the best training I have ever had as an instructor - period. Regardless of your style of martial arts, if you care for children at your core, there’s no other training but PNS. It’s not even the next level of being an instructor, it’s the next universe. Can’t recommend enough!" ~Katie Jordan, MPNS

"I recently completed the Master Pediatric Ninja Specialist (PNS) course with Skillz, led by Melody Johnson, and I must say, it has been a transformative experience for my coaching career. Having been an active martial artist for over 50 years, I have always coached based on what my instructors taught me. However, I have come to realize that martial arts is just one part of coaching children, and a small part at that.

Many parents bring their children to martial arts classes hoping to instill discipline, focus, listening skills, respect, self-esteem, and other valuable traits. The PNS course, particularly, goes beyond teaching martial arts; it focuses on developing these essential traits first, understanding that they are the foundation upon which martial arts skills are built.
Through the PNS course, I gained profound insights into child development and effective coaching strategies. The modules on Biology, such as Brain Development and Brain Connectivity, provided a deep understanding of how children's brains develop and how this affects their learning and behavior. The Psychology & Personal Development modules, including Emotional Intelligence SKILLZ and Mentor SKILLZ, equipped me with the tools to nurture emotional intelligence and foster positive interactions.
Moreover, the Parenting modules, like Parent Styles and Parent SKILLZ, offered invaluable insights into different parenting styles and strategies to support children's growth and development at home.
With the knowledge and skills acquired from this course, I can now genuinely say that I am better equipped to help the children in my school. I focus on their individual needs rather than just teaching martial arts. This shift in approach has not only changed my life but also positively impacted the lives of many others.
Thank you, SKILLZ and Melody Johnson, for providing such a comprehensive and life-changing course." ~Steve Cowan, MPNS

Your Instructor

Melody Johnson, MPNS
Melody Johnson, MPNS

Melody Johnson’s extensive 25-year career in child development has established her as a luminary in sports coaching and a champion of innovative educational efforts. Her pioneering SKILLZ curriculums and drills have revolutionized how children engage in sports and activities in over a thousand facilities worldwide. A stalwart advocate for age-specific programming, Melody's holistic approach intricately blends physical prowess with cognitive development, ensuring each child she mentors receives tailored, comprehensive guidance.

As an instrumental force in the creation of SKILLZ University and the Pediatric Ninja Specialist program, Melody's deep-rooted passion for enriching children’s lives permeates her teachings. She leverages her championship-winning experience and high-level martial arts expertise not just in curriculum design, but also in every interaction with her students. Through Melody's dynamic teaching methods, each Pediatric Ninja Specialist trainee is expertly equipped to inspire and nurture the next generation of vibrant, confident, and skilled individuals.

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